AFC Melksham - Ability Counts Football Club

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About Us

Longrunning AfcM hold weekly coaching sessions for under 16 and Adult Disabled footballers. Wednesday nights at Bowerhill playing fields 1730 to 1830 in the summer (thanks to MWPC) and move indoors to Melksham Oak gym in the darkerwinter months.

AfcM is a FREE to participating players, open to male and female, and coaching is byDBS FA qualified coaches who give their time free, a massive commitment.

AfcM wish to thank local councils for their continued financial support, Alms House, and local firms Knorre Bremse and Great Bear who at present despite COVID have stood by this long standing voluntary commitment to support Sport for all.

Hon Presidents Brian Taff Evans and his good lady Jean Evans are the foundation of this local long-standing club with AfcM Sunday Premier Club the original grassroots support that started this offshoot. 

Patrick Johnson is the manager and Mike Rogers Chairman (contact 07578335161) 

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07578 335161