Safari Animal Trail in Melksham

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September 6, 2022

The Safari has landed in Melksham!!!

Six animals are on the loose and need to be found.

Get Active and Explore Melksham by ticking the animals off your list.  

Each animal carries a letter - can you work out the secret word?!  

The map of the trail is here and details of the route are below


Order of the trail:

•Starting at the Market Place, outside the Town Hall, intrepid animal scouts are encouraged to set off towards the centre of town, passing the mini pop-up park, and the ancient Kings Arms public house.  Turning left onto Church Street, you will pass the stunning historic quarter of the town along Canon Square and down Church Walk (to your right).  Cross at the pedestrian crossing and nip up Union St before taking a quick left towards the Ebenezer Baptist Church.  Don’t worry – you’re close to your first animal!   Follow the little alleyway past the church and you will cross Clacker’s Brook into King George V Playing Fields.  As you enter the park you will find Animal 1.


• Head up the hill along the righthand pathway and make your way up towards the Cricket Pavilion where you’ll turn left alongside the splashed and play area(Animal 2) before turning right at the Adventure Centre.  Head over the little bridge and follow the path all the way until there is a T-junction.  


• Turn left and head across the green bridge and to the end of the pathway at the base of Scotland Road. Turn back on yourself and retrace your steps to the Adventure Centre.  Continue along the river until you are almost at Bath Road.  Take a look down into Queen Mary Garden (little walled garden, alongside the car entrance to Bath Road carpark.)  (Animal 3).  


• Turn right up the hill towards the bridge and cross at the zebra crossing turning left and then quickly right to re-join the riverside path (Animal 4).  


• You are now back alongside the great River Avon and soon you will enter Conigre Mead Nature Reserve, through the gate.  Take the second path on your left, heading up towards the cemetery.  Continue uphill into the upper part of the cemetery and head to your left, so you enter the back cemetery of the churchyard (the one with the massive, beautiful trees across the street from the main churchyard).  Head up and cross into St Michael’s and walk around the church to your right and aim for the path heading to the back corner gate to your right (Animal 5).  


• Go through the gate and turn left pass the bowls club to towards the brick wall in the distance, and turn left until you hit Place Road.  Turn Right and carry on until you re-join the High Street.  Turn right to return to the Market Place to complete the 3km trail!  Oh wait…don’t forget to look on the far side of the Town Hall, by the Campus entrance to find Animal 6,and work out the secret word! 



The trail will be in place until September 6th, and is provided by a grant from National Government that Melksham Town Council has facilitated.

For more information contact Melksham Town Council on or 01225 704187.