Melksham in Bloom Highlights 2022

September 5, 2022

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With the focus on Environmental Friendliness, this year's Melksham in Bloom had some wonderful entries.

A few of the gardeners share some pictures and words about their gardens below.



Margaret Bevan (2nd place for Large Rear Garden)

My garden has under gone several changes over the years. I started out with a lawn in the middle and plants and shrubs around the edges. Then I realised the view from my back windows was mainly lawn so I reversed it and the garden now has two large borders, one double and a narrow lawn path down the middle, leading to more lawn at the bottom. Choosing the plants for this space has lead me to select insect loving plants on a cottage garden theme.


Jenny Fell (Best Small Rear Garden)

This is the little garden that is cram packed with all kinds of plants and every space used.



Dorothy House Charity Shop (Best Window Display)

We have tried to do something different and eye catching, so I thought that dresses made of flowers will stand out. The Bloom window was all about flowers and gardening. It was great team effort and I wouldn’t do it without my team help.


Shop Manager



Georgina Rose (third place Best Small Front Garden)

I know nothing about gardening but with the help of my friends, family, and good advice from my elderly patients the garden started blooming and so did my neighbours' gardens. I’m pleased to say they followed suit and now all the gravel gardens have gone and filled with flowers. It’s lovely. 

We all share plants. We grow from seed. We split and share.  I also have a wildlife corner with a bee bath and 3 insect hotels. Hedgehog house and logs for the insects.


David Walker (best External Display with No Garden and 2nd most Innovative Garden)

Photo’s 05 and 04. In 2022 I turned 75 (difficult to believe I know). Looking through my (very) old baby photo album I came across a picture of me, on my tricycle (2hand of course), on my 5birthday, 70 years ago (see photo on tricycle), same year as the Coronation. I managed to find a similar tricycle on e.bay, also painted blue, and have incorporated it into the frontage, with planting in the rear boot, and the front basket to continue the Red, White, and Blue theme.


Photo’s03 and 02. The rear garden planting theme this year is Red, White and Blue, to reflect the Queens Platinum Jubilee. The garden is divided by pots coloured Red, White and Blue and the central water feature and fixed fence baskets have also been sprayed Red, White and Blue, also the wooden bridge which has motivational words on each plank. There is also a reference to Ukraine in photo 01. Look at the photo carefully. It illustrates the futility of war.


ENVIRONMENTALLYFRIENDLY. At the end of the growing season, I retained 50%of that years compost. This year I mixed it with 50% new peat free compost enhanced with bonemeal and plant food. This cut down on the number of journeys to the garden centre, and the number of plastic bags. The planting is designed to provide both colour and scent to attract a variety of wildlife, mainly bees and butterflies. There are three bug/insect boxes in the garden, placed to attract bugs and insects at different levels, ground level, mid-air, and water based. I also have a garden waste recycling bin.



Julian and Katherine White (OVERALL WINNERS)

We’re so excited to have won this year, it’s been such a thrill!

Our garden started off as a playground for our children with just a few pots to brighten it up. Since they’ve got older we’ve added more and more pots, built garden furniture from scrap wood and filled it with ornaments and china from boot sales and charity shops. We love up-cycling and giving new life to pre-loved items and choose plants that butterflies and bees are attracted to. I often forget the names of the plants and am not an experienced gardener by any means, but it proves that anyone can do their bit for wildlife no matter how big or small their space and no matter the size of their budget.




Christine and Andy York (2nd Best Water Feature)

“We originally had just a waterfall from the tin bath straight into the pond then a couple of years ago Andy had the idea of making a stream.

Over the following week he repositioned the bath and dug out the stream.

Although it has taken some hard work and tweaking we now feel we have an unusual balance of eclectic ornaments and plants. The stream regularly attracts a blackbird, a thrush and other birds to bathe, the plants attract the bees and we have frogs, newts and dragonflies regularly visiting the pond. However like any garden there are always improvements to make.

Looking forward to entering next year.”