Melksham in Bloom Results Announced

July 18, 2022

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Melksham's annual horticultural competition took place in July this year with a special theme of environmental responsibility.

The overall winners were Katherine and Julian White who were thrilled with the result.

Katherine said, “We’re so excited to have won this year, it’s been such a thrill! We've built garden furniture from scrap wood and filled it with ornaments and china from boot sales and charity shops. We love up-cycling and giving new life to pre-loved items and choose plants that butterflies and bees are attracted to. I often forget the names of the plants and am not an experienced gardener by any means, but it proves that anyone can do their bit for wildlife, no matter how big or small their space and no matter the size of their budget.”

The full results are below and prizes will be awarded at Melksham ClimateFest on 17 September.

The Sunflower categories are still open and if you would like to enter please email for an application form.

Full Results of Melksham in Bloom Main Competition 2022