Message from Melksham Town Council about an exciting opportunity

December 5, 2023

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Melksham Town Council is about to embark on an exciting new project – the development of a new community facility in the centre of the town.

We have at our disposal two separate community facilities, the Assembly Hall and the Blue Pool, which are set back-to-back on a large space behind the Town Hall. We would like to develop one vibrant, versatile space that will serve the needs of a growing community for the foreseeable future. The resulting project must also reflect a commitment to environmentally conscious building practices and low, sustainable running costs.

Whilst we have our own list of needs and end uses, we are open to other suggestions that you might think sit with our vision of a modern entertainment facility that will stand out as a model for other towns to admire, as a standard for the 21st century.

We therefore invite plans from interested parties.

Site plan, floor plans, and meeting minutes which show our wish list of facilities are available on request. You are at liberty to utilise, demolish or adapt the current buildings. For viewings of the properties and site please phone or email for an appointment with the Town Clerk or Town Council representative.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how your ideas fit in with our vision.