Statement from Melksham Town Council Clerk regarding the Dog Agility Area in King George V Park

November 22, 2023

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22nd November2023


Statement from Melksham Town Council Clerk regarding the Dog Agility Area in King George V Park


Following a recent article and subsequent Facebook posts by Melksham Independent News regarding the Dog Agility Area in King George V Park, Melksham Town

Council Officers would like to outline the actions taken on the decision to install this facility for park users and their dogs. This is the second statement made in respect

of this facility.

All decision-making was made by Full Council, which is how projects are considered within the Council. Officers were then instructed to carry out the decisions below.                      

This is a timeline of decisions made by Councillors regarding the installation of the Dog Agility equipment:

At an extraordinary full council meeting on 28th March 2023, a motion was proposed by former councillor Carl Houghton to install Dog Agility equipment at King George V Park.

‘Councillor Alford remarked that the Council cannot keep using the cost-of-living crisis to stop projects.’  Councillor Price acknowledged the debate but ‘reminded

members that there was funding in reserves and that the Town Council should get behind the project and provide a facility for residents to enjoy with their dogs.’


The motion was seconded by the Town Mayor, Councillor S Crundell, and Full Council RESOLVED to allocate no more than £20,000 for the installation of a Dog Agility Area. 

 A report for Councillors to consider was issued in the agenda under Supporting Documents. A link to a copy is included here: Motion to Council Dog Park

Councillors chose Mant Leisure Limited as their preferred supplier. Equipment of a similar height and specification can also be purchased from a variety of other suppliers.

A purchase order was issued on 29th March 2023. The equipment was installed on 5th September 2023 according to the instructions and has been used with no incident since installation.


Mant Leisure Limited is a well-established and sector-leading provider of play equipment to the Local council sector. Unfortunately, their Managing Director is retiring and is subsequently closing the company. This has no bearing on the provision of their contract with the Town Council.

 In September 2023, at the request of the Town Clerk, the supplier spoke to their inspector, as well as to the Kennel Club, regarding the installation of the equipment.

 NO safety concerns have been raised with Melksham Town Council by The Kennel Club, either directly or indirectly. They will only advise on specifications for competition-style equipment, which is not the type of facility supplied at King George V Park.


 The Dog Agility Area in King George V Park is a free, leisure facility for use by dogs under the supervision of their owners and at their own risk. It is therefore not subject to stipulations from The Kennel Club.


If you have any issues or concerns regarding this facility, please email the Town Clerk at


Mrs L A Roberts BA(Hons), PGCAP, FHEA, FSLCC

Town Clerk and RFO