Think WIDEN to keep your home safe

January 19, 2023

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Think WIDEN to keep your home safe

Want to protect your home? Think WIDE(N) (WINDOWS, INTERIOR, DOORS, EXTERIOR, (NEIGHBOURS) to have the best possible protection against burglary.

A combination of WIDE actions is the most effective and recommended by police throughout the country.

Additionally, at Neighbourhood Watch we believe neighbours keeping an eye out for each other is also key to preventing burglary.

Click on each area to find out more:

• WINDOWS: Lock your windows

• INTERIOR: Put your interior lights on a timer

• DOORS: Double or deadlock your doors

• EXTERIOR: Put your exterior lights on a sensor

• (N)EIGHBOURS: Keep an eye out for neighbours

As with all types of crime, prevention is much better than cure. Taking simple measures such as these can significantly reduce your chances of being burgled. 

Find more burglary prevention advice here or click below to download our useful burglary prevention checklist to double-check you have left your home safe when you walk out your front door.  


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