Melksham Town Council - how we work

Helping every individual to fulfil and exceed in their aspirations.

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Melksham Town Council - how we work

Melksham Town Council aims to strengthen the sense of community within Melksham, create and promote inclusivity, improve the quality of life for all Melksham residents and help every individual to fulfil and exceed their aspirations.


What we do...

How we work - Meetings & Committees

Council work is administered through the following committees, sub-committees and working groups:

Asset Management and Amenities Committee
Community Development Committee
Economic Development and Planning Committee
Finance and Administration Committee
Full Council
Neighbourhood Plan Joint Steering Group
Shurnhold Fields Working Party
Staffing Committee
Town Hall and Assembly Hall Sub-Committee

How we work - key services

The Melksham Town Council team are responsible for delivering the decisions of the Council on community issues and development. In addition, on an ongoing basis, they look after various green spaces, sports facilities and play areas, allotments, community buildings and venues for hire.

Budget & Finance

The Town Council is funded by the residents of Melksham through a precept on the council tax charge made by Wiltshire Council. The 2022/23 budget sets a total precept of £966,204. This equates to a council tax charge of £169.00 on a band D household. Properties are put into one of eight bands, A being the lowest, and H the highest, with Band D being the average.

Economic & Community Development

Melksham Town Council aims to focus on the development and operational management of Melksham Town Centre, whilst improving  quality and vitality for all users, be they residents of or visitors to the town.  The Council also aims to attract ongoing inward investment into the town.

What we don't do...

Melksham Town Council is not responsible for the following, please click the links below and you will be redirected to the correct website page:

Council Tax
Garden Waste
Public Transport

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