CCTV and WiFi Now Live in King George V Playing Fields

April 26, 2024

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26 April 2024


**  CCTV and WiFi Now Live in King George V Playing Fields **

Melksham Town Council is pleased to announce that the installation of WiFi and CCTV in King George V Playing Fields has been completed, with both systems now operational. This initiative reflects the Council's ongoing commitment to improving safety and connectivity for residents and visitors alike.

This initiative was first proposed at a Full Council Meeting on Monday 30th October 2023 where the motions to implement both CCTV and WiFi, alongside the installation of the new lighting in King George V Playing Fields, was passed.

The implementation of CCTV in the park, as well as around the Town Centre, is part of a broader strategy to enhance safety and security within the community.

A spokesperson from the Melksham Neighbourhood Policing Team, who attended the meeting, emphasised that, due to historical issues in the park, "CCTV would assist police in any enquiries, as well as acting as a deterrent for future crimes."

The CCTV system will not involve live monitoring of areas such as the Splash Pad or surrounding residential neighbourhoods. Access to CCTV footage requires a formal request to be submitted to the Melksham Town Council Clerk.

The Committee highlighted several benefits associated with the installation of WiFi in King George V Playing Fields. It encourages greater use of park facilities, provides internet access to those who may not otherwise be able to afford it, and improves signal strength for electronic payments during park events.

The proposed investment offered significant cost savings by combining these works with the previously agreed installation of festoon lighting around the park. The Council’s contractors, Kan Connections, undertook the additional work at a total cost of £7,660 (£2,910 for the WiFi and £4,750 for the CCTV).

Melksham Town Council anticipates that these enhancements will create a more accessible and secure environment for everyone. By providing robust surveillance and improved connectivity, the goal is to reduce fear of crime, boost community confidence, and enrich the overall park experience.

For more information, please email or call 01225 704 187.


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CCTV and WiFi Now Live in King George V Playing Fields Press Release