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Melksham Town Council Allotments

The Town Council administers 164 allotment plots spread around eight different locations within the town. The plots vary in size and quality. New tenants sign an agreement to maintain and cultivate their plot, paying a current annual fee of £50.00 for a full-size plot and £25.00 for a half plot. 

The task of maintaining a plot is not to be taken lightly, demanding time, energy and commitment. The rewards, however, are the satisfaction of growing your own fresh fruit, flowers and vegetables and meeting fellow enthusiasts. 

The allotments are located at Addison Road, Awdry Avenue, Dorset Crescent, Methuen Avenue, Milton Avenue, Portman Road, Southbrook Road and Wiltshire Crescent. Demand for plots has grown over the last few years and there is currently a waiting list.

If you are a resident of Melksham Town and would like to be added to the waiting list, please contact:

Mel Rolph: 01225 704 187

Do's and dont's on our allotment sites

Please do...

  • Enjoy the use of your allotment, which will provide you with much more than just fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Feel free to erect a wooden/polycarbonate shed (maximum size 6’x7’), which should be maintained in reasonable condition. (concrete or other "permanent" bases are not permitted)
  • Erect a greenhouse or "polytunnel" (maximum size is 10’x8’)
  • Compost as much waste garden material as you can. (Compost bins can be purchased from Milton Keynes Council at reasonable discounts).
  • Make sure that material to be burnt on a bonfire is "dried" suitably, so that it burns quickly and with less smoke.
  • Make sure your allotment plot is well maintained, that is to say cultivated and weed free (as far as possible).

Please don't...

  • Have too many bonfires. Generally, bonfires are only permitted after 4.30pm on weekdays. Please refrain from having bonfires at weekends.
  • Gather/dump domestic or any other refuse on your allotment plot or elsewhere within the allotment garden.
  • Use hosepipes. Hosepipes are not permitted in the allotment garden. If there is a water supply provided, please make sure that you use and maintain it in an appropriate manner.
  • Install a concrete structure. Any type of concrete structure is not permitted on the allotment garden. This includes pathways and bases for sheds or greenhouses.